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"Laura is easy to talk to, and a good listener.  I started training with Laura to get fit and lose some weight - I have lost 6kg since May! Really happy with what Laura does, keep coming!!"
Jane - July 2016

"Laura keeps a lovely chilled and calm atmosphere and makes sure everyone gets  shared attention and pointers.  I feel much more flexible now and sleep so well after Pilates"
Anon - Aug 2016

I offer a Premium Mobile Personal Training service in Southampton that specialises in long term fat loss/lifestyle change.   

I am also a Pilates Instructor and run a Mobile Personal Pilates service, as well as a weekly beginners Pilates Class at St Marks Church, Archers Road.

I offer Metabolic Group Training sessions (limited spaces) throughout the year - outdoors in the summer, which will get you fit and thriving in the quickest time possible.

I have helped many people to achieve long term fat loss, increased energy and mobility and transform their lives for the better.  Get in touch to find out how I can help you.

​​"I am so pleased to have found someone to make personal training actually fun! Laura and I chat through our sessions while she quietly steps up the intensity so that I hardly notice I am exercising until she gently reminds me how far I have come. I am a naturally lazy person so frequently consider cancelling sessions, but find that I don't want to because I am looking forward to having a chat! The exercise slides in effortlessly and I definitely see the difference not just in my measurements but also my fitness levels. Laura is so approachable and so realistic. She has turned what was a fruitless cycle of exercising and dieting into something sustainable."
Katie - Jan 2017
"I started the early morning metobolic training sessions about 6 weeks ago and would probably always go now. It's hard getting up early in the mornings (especially with young children that don't sleep) but once I'm up and out, it sets me up for the day and I feel more awake than if I had slept in! I feel so much more motivated to do things for the rest of the day, I've started sleeping better at night and have started to lose a few pounds week by week as well as gained muscle. The training itself isn't too strenuous but really gets a sweat on and gets you going with the short spouts of exercises. The music is good and lively and there is a good variety of exercises each time. Overall, a great way to train with a great trainer!!!" 
Hannah - 2016

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